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"Hodota Blog where to share interesting things about Lagi and Hodota Cam Binh Resort & Spa"

1. Hodota Cam Binh Resort & Spa

2. Explore Lagi

3. Tips

4. Places to visit

How to choose a Resort in Lagi for a great stay

Resort quality is what determines most of your vacation experience. Hodota will give you some tips to have a great vacation!

Lagi tourism still seems to be different from tourism news because of its wildness and untapped beauty. So when we come to Lagi beach village, where can we go and what can we do?  Hodota will answer these questions!

Quickly take note of certain specialties that must be tried when coming to Lagi

As a coastal village with abundant resources, Lagi has many specialties and attractive seafood that you must definitely try when coming here.

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